Advice on How to Select The Best Tanzania Safari Clothing

Safari Clothing General Advice

When deciding on what to pack for your Tanzania adventure safaris, a few things like what time of year it is and what type of Tanzania safari holiday you are going on are to be considered, however there are some general rules that you should follow: Most shops selling safari clothing will assist you to effortlessly combine functionality with style but remember to keep it simple. These shops, sell safari gear and clothes designed for safari and hot weather all year round which may be worn in combination with any style or colour in the range. A variety of specialist safari and outdoor clothing, luggage and gear including safari clothing, jackets, hats, travel bags, money belts, first aid kits, binoculars and torches are on offer.

Photo of khaki safari shirt

Safari Shirt

Tanzania Safari Wear Colours

Try to avoid  to have too bright clothing as well as white coulour, this is fine for wearing around the lodge and to dinner in the evenings, but in general when you are going out on your tanzania safari you want to blend in as much with nature as possible. So think of greens, browns and khaki coloured clothing. The aim of any safari clothing should be to blend in as much as possible, so that you do not disturb the wildlife you are viewing.The ideal colours for safari clothing  include Olive, Stone, Khaki, Mushroom, and Acacia.

The roads in Tanzania national parks are murram, this means that, It will be dusty, so also try and stay away from pale colours, and it is said that blue and black coloured clothing can attract tsetse flies, which have a painful bite. These flies are the equivalent of tiny fighter jets, and deliver a very painful sting. The traps used to attract and catch tsetse flies are blue and black These flies are the equivalent of tiny fighter jets, and deliver a very painful sting. The traps used to attract and catch tsetse flies are blue and black and you do not want to become a mobile tsetse fly trap. Black can also be way too hot to wear in the summer months.

No Camouflage Clothing for Tanzania Safaris!

Do not wear camouflage clothing, It maybe popular urban wear in the west, but here in Tanzania and Africa in general only the military wear it, and in fact in some African countries you can be arrested for it.

Advice on Tanzania Safari Clothing Materials

Lightweight fabrics are preferable for your clothing for Safari, that will not only keep the weight of your luggage down, but be comfortable as well. You will find that may camping shops do sell lightweight, neutral coloured clothing, however  most are made from waterproof material and that makes a noise as you rub against it. This is perfectly fine for camping in a wet environment, but if you are trying to sneak up to an antelope, the noise made by this clothing can often frighten them and other animals away. Cotton works the best for shirts and trousers and woolen jerseys if you are traveling in winter. In a nutshell clothing made from manmade/technical fabrics, usually 100% Polyamide, are without doubt the best for modern travellers to Africa.

Safari Boots & Socks

when choosing shoes or boots consider  high-ankled, solid and expensive leather safari shoes, only if you are doing a walking safari but not necessary if you are game-viewing from your tanzania safari vehicle for most of the day. Normal lightweight shoes or trainers are ideal for this. They can be slipped on and off easily and are not only practical but comfortable too. choose earthy colors as the African dirt and mud will show very quickly on light colored shoes and may be difficult to clean. For socks, consider for blister-free safari socks. These light socks have a double layer that save your feet from blistering while on safari. It is  advisable  to also have a good pair of sunglasses on bright sunny days. A jacket and a hat will also come in handy.

Your Tanzania Safari Luggage Should be Soft and Squashy:

Duffle bags are preferab;eYour luggage your luggage should also be duffle bag so that it may fit into the hold of a light aircraft or your custom made safari vehicle which may have limited luggage

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