Smart African Travel leads trend for more adventurous gap year travel.

Smart African Travel has been providing exceptional summer programs for teens featuring: Community Service, Cultural Exchange, Adventure Travel, and Language Learning. Our programs are tailored to provide language immersion, environmental education and community service. Students enjoy travel adventure and learn with other teenagers providing community service in Tanzania. The increasingly adventurous nature of High school students and of recent graduates, gap year travellers are now more willing to visit less chartered territories, safe in the knowledge that they’re bound to encounter other travellers doing the same thing. We specialise in providing information on structured year out programmes placements  to Colleges and High schools.

gap years adventures in Tanzania

Emory University Students Volunteering - Voluntary work helps communities and enhances your CV

Cultural considerations

Just as Smart African Travel is committed to minimizing our impact on the natural   environment, we are also dedicated to promoting global understanding through positive cultural interactions. We believe  that by providing the teens with the opportunity  to learn about  the local cultures, their travel experience is enhanced  and made richer .

Much more than a vacation
We give priority to meaningful cultural exchange and community service for teenagers. Our overseas teens will mingle, work, play, and celebrate with communities and families in Tanzania. We also incorporate our outreach programs into their itinerary, our outreach programs involves visiting the elderly people and offering assistance.

Valuable Experience for the Future
Our community summer service programs offer the teens an opportunity to help them develop leadership qualities that can be applied in college and beyond. We work in close collaboration with colleges that like to see summer service programs in their admissions reviews. If you are considering summer activities for teens, Smart Africa Travel trip provides value in many ways, that will shake the teens out of their comfort zones.

The Experience of a Lifetime
Community service abroad is the ultimate summer program for teens. Our local group leaders know how to get off the beaten path, making our teen service programs an adventure that will never be forgotten.

Safety First
We have been providing summer programs for teenagers for over 10 years. Our community service programs are amongst the most professionally run in the industry, and our unrivaled experience makes our Tanzania summer camps the standard for summer travel programs.

If you are a college or high school looking for fun, adventure, and want to be a spark for social change in the world, let us be your guide. Don’t be content with just a glorified holiday; seek an exciting and varied destinations, cultures and activities to experience.

For further information,please  contact our senior tours & travel consultant Alpha Mantai,