Tanzania Safari Holiday On A Shoestring

There is nothing as strong as a desire to travel to an exotic destination.You do not have to break a bank in order to amass enough funds for your  Holiday in Tanzania. A  safari package is a collection of several components that make up a tour product. Africa may still be viewed as an underdeveloped continent, but its leading camps and safari lodges are among the most glamorous and expensive resorts in the world. You do have to put your travel plan on hold simply because you do not have enough money to in expensive accommodation, you can take advantage of the several options available to make your Tanzania safari holiday dream become a reality.

Tanzania has been improving its tourist hotel infrastructure and unlike in the past you can choose the standard of accommodation that will meet your requirements, depending on your budget you can decide to stay in the up-market exclusive lodges, standard lodges or even in a budget lodge. It is also possible to do a Wildlife safari in Tanzania sometimes even staying at the top properties, but pay very low rates if you take your time to research the available options.

Most of the travelers to Tanzania travel in the peak season when the prices for accommodation are highest, however the most efficient ways to cut costs is to travel off-season in the months of April and May in particular when the lodge rates drop to as much as 55%. Many people consider this period rainy season but I consider this one of the best time to go on game viewing as the concentration of wildlife in the Parks is great and sightings are wonderful, this is due to availability of enough water and grass in the park, thus preventing them going out of the sanctuaries in such of good pastures and water. Again you will be travelling  in custom made 4×4 safari vehicles specially built for rough terrain.

Another option to make your Tanzania safari trip affordable is to take the budget camping in case you have  a sense of adventure ,with budget camping you travel with your cook,a wildlife guide food and camping gear, this reduces your travel cost considerably while still enjoying the benefits of a private safari. The budget camping  is not as comfortable as staying in the lodges, however the quality of game viewing is still good or even better since it is a private safari which gives you the freedom to spend as much time as you wish in one location without having others pushing your driver to move the next location. Meals times are also possible since you arrange with your private cook, the advantage is you decide game viewing time with your guide without having to consult others.

Keeping your options open if you plan to book a late deal with one of the large tour operators promoting mass tourism is recommended, however the longer you leave it the more limited your choice will be, but it’s often worth it for the huge discounts on offer, it is also worth shopping around and comparing the market before you book as tour operators will often provide various discounts throughout the season. This could turn out to be a great opportunity of securing a significant discount on the original cost of the Tanzania safari tours. It  is also advisable to check out the range of late deals available to see if anything matches what you’re looking for.

Alpha Mantai is a travel writer and a leading tours & travel consultant based in Arusha. To connect with him drop him a line at sales@smartafricantravel.com